Contact Lenses

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If you purchase 8 boxes of any daily brand of contacts we will give a free pair of raybans up to 175$ in value! Additionally the manufacturers have rebates ranging from 80$ to 200$. Please talk to our staff for more information.


At Prairie Vision Center, Dr. Welder has extensive experience in fitting a wide variety of contact lenses. There are many options available even if you had difficulty with contacts in the past or if you are over 40 and in need of bifocals, you can still wear contact lenses. We work with you to insure your success.

Soft contact lens wearers have more choices than ever before! When contacts first came out in the early 1970’s, they were very expensive and had to usually last a couple of years before being replaced. Today, things have changed.

Disposable contact lenses have revolutionized the soft contact lens industry. Lenses have now been designed to be replaced quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, or even on a daily basis.


Most prescriptions including bifocal contacts, toric contacts and colored are also disposable.

Of course, contacts are still made to be used on a yearly basis, but this is becoming less common. More and more patients are choosing to be fit with a lens that is meant to be more frequently replaced.

One of the main advantages of disposable contacts is having a clean, fresh lens available which is much healthier for the eye. Lenses that are not properly cleaned can have protein build up that can lead to an eye infection, cause the eye discomfort, allergies and vision can also become compromised.

Additionally, the solutions needed to maintain disposable contacts are less costly and the cleaning regime is easier because there is no enzyme step.

Disposable contacts are also very helpful in situations where a lens is lost or torn because you have extra lenses available.

If you are interested in trying contact lenses again or for the first time, please contact us.