Lens Options

Shopping for glasses at Prairie Vision Center usually means looking for a frame that fits your style (or your spouse’s) and fits your face. The frame must be functional, providing enough viewing area to work well with your prescription. Sometimes a person gets so wrapped up in frame decisions it’s all they focus on. But Dr. Picken says the lens type can be as important if not more so.

Dr. Welder states antiglare coatings are applied to all high end optical surfaces in telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, and surgical as well as other instruments. The opticians at Prairie Vision Center want people to know the best glasses anti-glare coatings, like EX3 and Crizal, also include a tough scratch resistant component. These coatings ensure your glasses won’t bounce light around to all the wrong places. Our patients in Wahpeton and the Fargo/Moorhead area find these lenses look more transparent to others looking at your face and provide more crystal clear vision to the wearer.

Prairie Vision Center offers an anti-fog coating that will prevent unwanted water vapor condensation on the lenses keeping them clear. Dr. Picken says it can help prevent that awkward situation when not wearing your glasses is preferable to trying to see through a fogged lens. A photochromic option that Dr. Welder personally uses in his glasses, features a vanishing tint to the lenses, allowing for a worry free indoor/outdoor glasses wearing experience.

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