Why Are Our Patient’s Eyes So Dry?

“Dry air, air impurities, medications, bodily illness, and aging all influence a condition known as dry eye syndrome,” says Dr. Picken of Prairie Vision Center in Moorhead, MN and Wahpeton, ND. The amount and variety of treatments for dry eyes has stayed somewhat limited over the years.

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Eye Pigment and Macular Degeneration

Yellow pigments, called carotenoids, can filter the blue light and protect the eyes from developing certain diseases. Dr. Welder and Dr. Picken of Prairie Vision Center tell us, “Blue light from many sources including new types of lighting and digital screens has received a great deal of attention in eye care recently.”

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When To Get Cataract Surgery

When the lens inside the eye becomes less clear to the point vision is significantly affected, you have a cataract.  “The problem is trying to determine when that point has arrived and you are ready for surgery” says Dr. William Welder of Prairie Vision Center.  There are age related changes that happens to the natural or crystalline lens inside the eye that also need to be accounted for.

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Lens Options

Shopping for glasses at Prairie Vision Center usually means looking for a frame that fits your style (or your spouse’s) and fits your face.  The frame must be functional, providing enough viewing area to work well with your prescription. Sometimes a person gets so wrapped up in frame decisions it’s all they focus on.

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