Why Are Our Patient’s Eyes So Dry?

“Dry air, air impurities, medications, bodily illness, and aging all influence a condition known as dry eye syndrome,” says Dr. Picken of Prairie Vision Center in Moorhead, MN and Wahpeton, ND. The amount and variety of treatments for dry eyes has stayed somewhat limited over the years.

However, slowly we have built up a good amount of options to battle this long term, progressive condition. An eye examination at Prairie Vision Center in Wahpeton or at our new location in Moorhead is critical to figuring out what version of dry eyes you have, and most importantly determining the best treatment strategy.

Dr. Welder and Dr. Picken, optometrists at Prairie Vision Center, have started to treat one of the most important pieces regarding dry eyes- the eyelids. They contain many of the glands that contribute to keeping the eye comfortable. By producing key tear components they help fend off dry eye symptoms and keep the surface of the eye healthy. Dr. Welder, an optometrist at Prairie Vision Center with over 20 years of experience warns, “Unfortunately, we lose glands over time at an accelerated rate if dry eye is not treated.”

Research has shown eyelid inflammation is a key component for many dry eye sufferers. Eye doctors now know this understanding also presents an avenue of intervention to help treat dry eyes better. We are beginning to understand how, like the human gut, a microbe war is at the root of the problem in many cases. The process of developing new strategies, now available at Prairie Vision, to influence that war will hopefully let us promote healthier glands and prevent the loss of them over time. Most importantly, it should make eyes less dry and more comfortable.

Dr. Welder and Dr. Picken, optometrists at Prairie Vision Center, have enjoyed opportunity to treat any and all dry eye patients with a powerful combination of in-office dry eye therapies. BlephEx is a new eyelid cleansing/lid surface exfoliation procedure designed to eliminate the inflammation causing biofilm that bacteria and microbes live within. MiBoFlo is a powerful eyelid warming procedure using a probe that acts like a heat pump, delivering 108 degrees of sustained heat to the oil glands in the eyelids serving to activate this powerfully soothing tear component. Those with dry eye problems are encouraged to make an appointment at Prairie Vision Center in Wahpeton, ND or at their new office in Moorhead, MN for a consultation and the opportunity to experience the benefits of these new dry eye procedures.

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