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Nickel Allergy

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An allergy to nickel is one of the most common causes of allergic dermatitis. Patients suffer from a raised, red, itchy rash likely found where the metal was touching the skin. Some are so sensitive, metal on clothing or pocket change can cause a reaction even if there is the material between themselves and the metal. These individuals may also have to avoid nickel-rich foods like fish and chocolate. Although this reaction is controversial, it is suggested nickel-containing food, as well as utensils made from nickel alloys, should be avoided.

If you have this allergy and wear glasses, then you are a lot like me. Luckily there are frame options that will allow you to be comfortable with wearing glasses again. Titanium alloy frames are nickel-free and hypoallergenic. They are superior to conventional nickel-silver alloys because they are lighter and stronger and often much more flexible. Titanium frames are also corrosion-resistant. That takes care of those who don't know if they have a nickel allergy but notice their metal frames tend to turn green anywhere the frame contacts their skin.

The wide selection of titanium frames can be paired with modern thin and lightweight lenses making prescription eyewear much less of a burden to your head and neck.

Jace Picken, O.D.


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